PURESPACE is on deep-tech R&D to pursue extension of shelf-life, improved food quality and food safety by ethylene and mold removal, and also sterilization of airborne microbes

We intend to introduce the scientific methodology to the supply chain of agricultural products globally. We will be a company that will find suitable solutions for each crop and storage environment.

PURESPACE has been recognized for its technological capabilities and has been collaborating with various organizations both at home and abroad. We gathered together to bring innovation to food supply chain.


Address : KNN 312, Centum Seoro 30, Haeundaegu, Busan, South Korea
Seoul National University 32-1, 314, Gwanakro 1, Gwanakgu, Seoul, South Korea
Company Registration Number : 877-81-00976
TEL : +82-51-660-5061ㅣFAX : 050-7072-7255
E-MAIL: sylee@purespace.io jslee@purespace.io