Equipped with this technology is our effective, low-maintenance device. 
As it frees your storage area from pollutants, it will let you cut your fruit losses, 
reduce inventory risk and provide extra freshness for your customers.


By extending shelf-life of the storage of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers, our customers can directly improve profitability and enjoy various new business opportunity. PURESPACE machine works especially well with ethylene and mold sensitive products.


Distributors will be able to enjoy extra days for shipment without product quality degradation. Ethylene and mold removal is especially effective in closed room condition such as reefer trucks and containers. We are developing products for trucks and containers both for domestic and export market.


Supermarkets and retail stores are the last stages of the Cold Chain, where freshness is directly linked to profits. Reducing product loss and keep products in high quality will both benefit retailers and customers.


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